The marriage/ Фиктивный брак


Besides being an actual marriage, this marriage is as well a durational, multidisciplinary artistic proces where we -, as unconventional couple and artists - curate our love for each other. We are marrying, amongst others, to obtain a residential status advantage (mean) but with the clear intention to create and maintain a sustainable community life (end). This somewhat vague notion of sustainable community life is the base requirement for a 'pure' or 'real' marriage according to the Belgian civil code. The artistic proces entails partially a search in how to relate to, and define this 'sustainable community life', since no definition is given in this corpus of the civil code. Hereby, we playfully research expectations, dogma's and needs, not only towards ourselves but likewise on a juridical and societal level. It is in our interest to further penetrate different cultural models of marriage, who at first sight present themselves as decisive and determent. But are they really? This whole proces is transformed into a multidisciplinary work.