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We/ Post-Modern Woman: A self fulfilling prophecy'

      Reasons for Rejection, Video-Installation. Performance: Leonie Persyn and Kim Snauwaert - Directed: Leonie                                   Persyn and Kim Snauwaert -  Edited: Kim Snauwaert - with the support of NVT Galerie, 2014.                                                                                                      


Creating love-stories where there are none, challenging the limits of narration, pushing boarders between fiction and reality through metaphorical imagery and installation. Thereby evocating desperation and performative insanity on a humorist level through video-performances.

                                                                                Opening image Reasons for Rejection at NVT Galerie - Ghent, 2014.


                                                                                        Vernissage Reasons for Rejection at NVT Galerie - Ghent, 2014.


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