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Kim Snauwaert is a Belgian artist and actress. She graduated from the University of Ghent, as an art historian specialised in Theatre studies, with a minor in ethics. In addition, she successfully obtained a degree in Fine Arts, at KASK, School Of Arts Ghent. Her work has been shown in Ghent, Brussels, Antwerp, Lucca, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Sidney, NYC, Cleveland, Amsterdam, …




2020 - MFA in Visual Arts (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) BE

2013 - BA in Art History, Major in Theater and Performance studies - Minor in Ethics (University Ghent) BE


Exhibitions & Festivals


2023 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, NEXTFESTIVAL, Leietheater, Deinze (BE)

2023 - Docu-fictie, No Honeymoon, BUDA; Kortrijk (BE)

2023- Publication, Beween Us, .. 


2023 - Docu-fictie, No Honeymoon, BUDA; Kortrijk (BE)


2022 - Residency ism Mira Bryssinck, Snow White Syndrome, De Grote Post, Oostende (BE) 

2022 April - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, Kaaistudio's, Brussels (BE)

2021 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)


2021 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, De Grote Post, Oostende (BE)


2021 - Installation, Between us and everybody else, Destination Sweetheart Exhibition, Red Starline Museum; Antwerp (BE)

2021 - Residency, Corporeal generosity project, Workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE) 

2021 - Residency Nomad ism Jolien Naeyaert, architecture and bodies,  through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (BE) (LU) (DE)


2021 - Installation, On should not nail a carpet to the wall, it may lead to a family row, Open Studios, workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE) 


2021 - Podcast, Framing is a luxury of the outside eye, Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2021 - Video-performance, Female Russian Immigrant..., Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
2021 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2020 - Installation, Female Russian Immigrant ..., Wowmen Festival; Brussels (BE)
2020 - Performance, Between us and everybody else, Wowmen Festival; Brussels (BE)
2019 - Installation, Female Russian Immigrant ..., Graduation Show KASK; Ghent (BE) 

2019 - Installation, Between us and everybody else, Working Title Festival; Brussels (BE)

2019 - Installation, The Newlyweds, Plan B; Bekegem (BE)

2018 - Performance, The Wedding, TAZ; Oostende (BE)   

2018 - Exhibition, Semi-Simultaneous (Between Us: The proposal ...), GouvernementGent (BE) 

2018 - Presentation, Selling The Marriage II, Valentine's day is coming, K/nip; Brussels (BE) 

2017 - Presentation, Selling The Marriage I, Nextfestival/ Sacrifice, BUDA; Kortrijk (BE) 

2017 - Performance,The Marriage: Marriagecontract, HOOGTIJ/laagtij festival, Gouvernement - Vooruit; Ghent (BE)
2017 - Performance, The Marriage: Proposal, Croxhapox; Gent (BE) 

2016 - Group exhibition, Heart Shaped Opinions, Arne&Vinie Galerie; Ghent (BE)

2016 - Residency, God's Mommy, PAF; (FR)
2015 - duo exhibition, She Stood Silently until I became Speechless,Huis Marseille; Amsterdam (NL)

2015 - duo exhibition, Reasons for Rejection, NVT Galerie; Ghent (BE) 

2013 - solo exhibition, My view on your view of me, Cinema Of Attraction; Ghent (BE) 

2009 - Guest artist, My view on your view of me, Be-Part; Waregem (BE) 



2019 - Leading role, Feature Film :The Best of Dorien.B, Anke Blondé; Oostende Film Festival(BE)

2017 - Performer, The Living Room XL, Paky Vlassopoulou; Air Antwerpen (BE)

2017 - Communication, TAZ; Oostende (BE) 

2017-  Director, The whole Town Thinks we're crazy'; Lundø (DE)
2016 - Communication depute, WpZimmer; Antwerp (BE) 
2015 - Dramaturge assistent, "Geboeid/Prometheus" Company BLOET: Jan Decorte & Sigrid Vinks; Brussels (BE) 
2015 - Performer, 'Glitter Bending Octopus',  Marcos Simoes & Sara Manente; KASK Ghent (BE) 

2015 - Performer, "Pastorale", Rachel Monosov, Barbé Gallery; Ghent (BE)
2015 - Guest lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Performance and Media Studies, University Ghent, (BE) 
2015 - Filmmaker, "Km.0 project", Oana Botez; Boekarest (RO) 
2014 - Performer, "The great Misunderstanding"; Jenn Kidwell, JACK Brooklyn; NYC (USA) 

2014 - Performer, "Imagining O", Richard Schechner, NYC (USA) 
2013 - Performer, "Long Distance Affair: If you leave", Pop-up Theatrics, Edinburgh theatre Festival; Edinburgh (SCO) 

2011 - Performer, "Slumbers", Joka Raes, Buda; Kortrijk & STUK; Leuven (BE) 

2010 - Performer, "Pimp your Poverty", Boris Ljugov, Fotofestival; Knokke (BE) 

2009 - Performer, "Re-visiting Kortrijk", Marcio Carvalho, Buda; Kortrijk (BE) 

2009 - Performer, "The we in me", Lars Siltberg, Playground STUK; Leuven (BE) 

2009 - Performer, Arno Nollen, Be-Part; Waregem & Air Antwerpen (BE) 

2009 - Performer, " A La Limite", Leen Lacroix & Marieke Breyne, theater 4-Hoog Kazematten; Ghent



Prizes & Nominations 

2019 - The Hamptons International Film Festival NY :  special mention recognising standout performance by female actor, The Best of Dorien B., NYC (USA) 

2019 - The Hamptons International Film Festival NY : Breakthrough Achievement in Filmmaking AwardThe Best of Dorien B., NYC (USA) 

2019 - Anonimul Film Festival Romania : ANONIMUL AWARD FOR BEST FILM, The Best of Dorien B., Boekarest (RO) 

2019 - Edinburgh International Film Festival :  2019 EIFF Audience Award, The Best of Dorien B., Edinburgh (SC) 

2019 - Galway Film Festival : First Feature AwardThe Best of Dorien B., Galway (IR) 

2019 - Lucca Film Festival : Special Jury Mention for best female lead Performance, Lucca(IT)

2019 - Nomination Horlait-Dapsens Foundations : 'Female Russian Immigrant', KASK, Ghent (BE) 





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