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I would say that the moment of falling in love automatically constitutes a crisis. A crisis is good because it brings ostensibly damage to our ideals.


And also, I wanna stay forever outrageous. 

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Kim Snauwaert (1986, Belgium) is a theater academic, performer and transdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Antwerp and Ghent. She worked a.o. with Richard Schechner, Anyuta Wiazemsky Snauwaert, Jan Decorte, Rachel Monosov, Marcio Carvalho, Jolien Naeyaert,... Her own work is situated at the intersection between the personal, the political and the ethical, and consists of visual installations, video work and performative interventions which have been presented amongst others at Kaaitheater Brussels, at Buda Kortrijk, De Grote Post, KVS, De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam... As a performer she played the lead role in Anke Blondé's debut, The Best of Dorien B. This film opened the 2019 Ostend Film Festival and was screened at international film festivals in Lucca, Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Sidney, New York, Cleveland, Amsterdam and Bucharest. She was also a guest lecturer at UGent.




2020 - MFA in Visual Arts (Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent) BE

2013 - BA in Art History, Major in Theater and Performance studies - Minor in Ethics (University Ghent) BE



2023 - Massage PerformanceDo You Want A Happy Ending, in cooperation with Jolien Naeyaert, TAZOostende (BE)

2023 - LectureResignation Syndrome in cooperation with Mira Bryssinck, Chambres d'O, De Grote Post & TAZ & Kaap, Oostende (BE)

2022- Theater, Between Us, A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, NEXTFESTIVAL, Leietheater, Deinze (BE)

2022 - Lecture, Resignation Syndrome in cooperation with Mira Bryssinck, Kiem Festival, De Grote Post, Oostende (BE) 

2022 - Theater, Between Us, A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, Kaaistudio's, Brussels (BE)

2021 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)


2021 - Theater, Between Us, Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, De Grote Post, Oostende (BE)


2021 - Installation, Between us and everybody else, Destination Sweetheart Exhibition, Red Starline Museum; Antwerp (BE)

2021 - Residency, Corporeal generosity project, Workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE) 

2021 - Residency Nomad ism Jolien Naeyaert, architecture and bodies,  through Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany (BE) (LU) (DE)


2021 - Installation, On should not nail a carpet to the wall, it may lead to a family row, Open Studios, workspacebrussels, Brussels (BE) 


2021 - Podcast, Framing is a luxury of the outside eye, Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2021 - Video-performance, Female Russian Immigrant..., Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
2021 - Theater, Between Us, A Number of Contradictions, Ignorances and Oddities, Beyond The Black Box Festival, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2020 - Installation, Female Russian Immigrant ..., Wowmen Festival; Brussels (BE)
2020 - Performance, Between us and everybody else, Wowmen Festival; Brussels (BE)
2019 - Installation, Female Russian Immigrant ..., Graduation Show KASK; Ghent (BE) 

2019 - Installation, Between us and everybody else, Working Title Festival; Brussels (BE)

2019 - Installation, The Newlyweds, Plan B; Bekegem (BE)

2018 - Performance, The Wedding, TAZ; Oostende (BE)   

2018 - Exhibition, Semi-Simultaneous (Between Us: The proposal ...), GouvernementGent (BE) 

2018 - Presentation, Selling The Marriage II, Valentine's day is coming, K/nip; Brussels (BE) 

2017 - Presentation, Selling The Marriage I, Nextfestival/ Sacrifice, BUDA; Kortrijk (BE) 

2017 - Performance,The Marriage: Marriagecontract, HOOGTIJ/laagtij festival, Gouvernement - Vooruit; Ghent (BE)
2017 - Performance, The Marriage: Proposal, Croxhapox; Gent (BE) 

2016 - Group exhibition, Heart Shaped Opinions, Arne&Vinie Galerie; Ghent (BE)

2016 - Residency, God's Mommy, PAF; (FR)
2015 - duo exhibition, She Stood Silently until I became Speechless,Huis Marseille; Amsterdam (NL)

2015 - duo exhibition, Reasons for Rejection, NVT Galerie; Ghent (BE) 

2013 - solo exhibition, My view on your view of me, Cinema Of Attraction; Ghent (BE) 

2009 - Guest artist, My view on your view of me, Be-Part; Waregem (BE) 



2023 - Author, Kan je iets in leven houden zonder het lief te hebben, Etcetera #170, (BE)

2019 - Leading role, Feature Film :The Best of Dorien.B, Anke Blondé; Oostende Film Festival(BE)

2017 - Performer, The Living Room XL, Paky Vlassopoulou; Air Antwerpen (BE)

2017 - Communication, TAZ; Oostende (BE) 

2017-  Director, The whole Town Thinks we're crazy'; Lundø (DE)
2016 - Communication depute, WpZimmer; Antwerp (BE) 
2015 - Dramaturge assistent, "Geboeid/Prometheus" Company BLOET: Jan Decorte & Sigrid Vinks; Brussels (BE) 
2015 - Performer, 'Glitter Bending Octopus',  Marcos Simoes & Sara Manente; KASK Ghent (BE) 

2015 - Performer, "Pastorale", Rachel Monosov, Barbé Gallery; Ghent (BE)
2015 - Guest lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Department of Performance and Media Studies, University Ghent, (BE) 
2015 - Filmmaker, "Km.0 project", Oana Botez; Boekarest (RO) 
2014 - Performer, "The great Misunderstanding"; Jenn Kidwell, JACK Brooklyn; NYC (USA) 

2014 - Performer, "Imagining O", Richard Schechner, NYC (USA) 
2013 - Performer, "Long Distance Affair: If you leave", Pop-up Theatrics, Edinburgh theatre Festival; Edinburgh (SCO) 

2011 - Performer, "Slumbers", Joka Raes, Buda; Kortrijk & STUK; Leuven (BE) 

2010 - Performer, "Pimp your Poverty", Boris Ljugov, Fotofestival; Knokke (BE) 

2009 - Performer, "Re-visiting Kortrijk", Marcio Carvalho, Buda; Kortrijk (BE) 

2009 - Performer, "The we in me", Lars Siltberg, Playground STUK; Leuven (BE) 

2009 - Performer, Arno Nollen, Be-Part; Waregem & Air Antwerpen (BE) 

2009 - Performer, " A La Limite", Leen Lacroix & Marieke Breyne, theater 4-Hoog Kazematten; Ghent



Prizes & Nominations 

2019 - The Hamptons International Film Festival NY :  special mention recognising standout performance by female actor, The Best of Dorien B., NYC (USA) 

2019 - The Hamptons International Film Festival NY : Breakthrough Achievement in Filmmaking AwardThe Best of Dorien B., NYC (USA) 

2019 - Anonimul Film Festival Romania : ANONIMUL AWARD FOR BEST FILM, The Best of Dorien B., Boekarest (RO) 

2019 - Edinburgh International Film Festival :  2019 EIFF Audience Award, The Best of Dorien B., Edinburgh (SC) 

2019 - Galway Film Festival : First Feature AwardThe Best of Dorien B., Galway (IR) 

2019 - Lucca Film Festival : Special Jury Mention for best female lead Performance, Lucca(IT)

2019 - Nomination Horlait-Dapsens Foundations : 'Female Russian Immigrant', KASK, Ghent (BE) 





© Kaat Pype


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